No matter how unique your design is, we have the ability to both design and build a truss that will not only be correct for your building, but also a product that is high quality. We handle residential, agricultural, and commercial needs, and whether it is a house, barn, shed, warehouse, or whatever else you might be building, we can deliver a product that will fit your exact need.


When we made the decision to partner with Sylvan Martin Trucking, it filled our trucking and crane needs. It has provided us with the ability to cover every aspect of producing trusses, from the design and production of the truss, to the delivery and setting the truss at your job-site. It also gives us the ability to deliver our products in a timely manner, and at a competitive price.

A little bit about us

Superior Trusses LLC was founded in 2006 in Denver PA as a family-owned business. Our vision is to meet the growing need for high-quality roof components delivered on time and at competitive prices. We are a TPI inspected facility.

After being in the building industry, we recognized a need in the truss market for quality and affordable components. It was with the goal of filling that need that we founded Superior Trusses. After good growth in the first couple of years, we built a new facility, and it is here that we strive to both design and produce a top quality product at a competitive price, and in a timely manner. It is here the we have also started to design and produce floor trusses. It has allowed us to expand our business to serve an even larger part of the construction industry.